The International Certificate of Competence
~ The ICC, your passport for sailing and renting abroad ~
Get your ICC at the Zeezeilschool
The International Certificate of Competency provides boat owners and people wishing to charter boats with an internationally recognised document certifying their competence to skipper a boat for recreational use. Zeezeilschool Scheveningen can help you obtaining the ICC when you are:
1) British citizen
2) British resident
3) National of the USA or Canada
4) National of a country which is not member of the UNECE
When you're not one one of the above, you need to get your ICC from the Dutch authorities (Vaarbewijs), or at your country of origin.

In order to be eligible for an ICC for inland and coastal waters you need to have proof of your theoretical and practical knowledge. In order to prove you meet the required standards, you can follow the online "Dayskipper Theory" course, the CEVNI test and follow the Dayskipper practical course.
With the certificates of completion of these courses, we will send your ICC application to the authorities.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above.

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